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Possible dental emergencies after tooth extraction

The reasons behind tooth extractions are many. They can range from extensive cavities to severe bone loss. As a result, it is one of the most common procedures perform daily by dentists.

Tooth extraction is usually a simple routine procedure. Nonetheless, the are some possible complications associated with it. Moreover, some of them can occur after leaving the dentist’s office. 

Although most patients don’t have any issues after a tooth extraction, it is vital to know how to act if something happens. Our emergency dentist in Miami Beach offers 24-hour service on the weekends to make sure you get the attention you need at any time.

In this article, we’ll explain what are the most common emergencies after tooth extraction and what to do.

Frequent complications 

Unlike composite restorations, tooth extractions leave a wound. Similar to every surgery performed by a doctor on your body, special care needs to be taken to guarantee proper healing.

However, accidents that turn into emergencies could still happen, being the most common:

  1. Bleeding

After the extraction is done, the socket where the tooth was residing is left open and bleeding.

However, this bleeding is completely normal and necessary for the wound to heal. Also, it creates a clot that will fill the socket, later turning into granulation tissue and, lastly, into new bone.

Your dentist will put gauze over the wound for you to bite. This helps the bleeding to stop and keeps the blood inside the socket while the clot forms.

If you accidentally hurt your wound once you leave the office, profuse bleeding can occur. To stop it, simply put another sterile gauze over the wound and bite down for at least 30 minutes until the clot is formed once again.


  1. Dry socket

A dry socket is a condition where the clot gets dislodged or doesn’t form, leaving the socket open and preventing it to heal. Furthermore, one of its main characteristics is severe pain that can extend to the ear.

Our emergency dentists in Miami Beach will clean the affected area, making sure to eliminate every food residue that could be trapped. Once it is clean, they’ll put a medicated dressing inside the socket and prescribe analgesics.

After they remove the dressing, the dentist will give you indications on how to clean the socket at home until it heals.

  1. Infection 

Although extraction leaves an open wound, it is vital to maintain proper oral care, especially in the area surrounding the socket.

The lack of care can help you develop infections. Your emergency dentist will prescribe you antibiotics to treat it. Although the odds are low, an infection can affect the bone and turn into osteomyelitis. 

It is essential to understand that pain and swelling are common body responses after tooth extraction. However, they should start decreasing after the 3rd-day post-extraction. If there is severe pain after that, you should visit an emergency dentist to make sure your wound heals properly.




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