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Having a toothache is one of the most uncomfortable sensations you could experience. Moreover, it can drastically change your mood in a matter of just a few minutes.

Although an emergency dentist is capable of helping you eliminate the pain and treat what could be the cause behind it, sometimes the discomfort doesn’t develop until late in the evening or at night. Therefore, making you rely on painkillers until you can attend a consultation.

Luckily, our emergency dentist in Miami Beach takes 24 hour turns during the weekends, ensuring your safety and comfort throughout your days off.

In this article, we will explain when you should book a dental emergency visit and what will your dentist do.

What is a dental emergency? 

Dental emergencies are situations that require urgent care and treatment. Moreover, they often involve other conditions such as severe pain, infections, swelling gums that spread to the face, broken teeth with severe pain, ulcers that haven’t healed over after two weeks, and more.

However, more serious and life-threatening conditions such as severe trauma should be taken care of at a hospital emergency room.

In our office in Miami Beach, we offer a specialized 24 hours service for dental emergencies on the weekend to treat any of these conditions, no matter the time.

What will our emergency dentist do? 

The first thing the dentist will do is ask you a few questions regarding your case to identify the issue. These questions can include:

  • The severity of the pain
  • Location
  • When did it start

Afterward, he will take some x-rays and do a thorough evaluation of your mouth to obtain the right diagnosis. 

Treatment option 

The treatment will vary according to the diagnosis. In some cases, your emergency dentist will prescribe you antibiotics, and, in some others, he might need to perform a tooth extraction.

However, most times, the reason behind a dental emergency is a condition called pulpitis.

Pulpitis is a condition where the dental pulp gets inflamed due to external causes, such as heavy trauma, dental caries, or the loss of a filling.

Furthermore, pulpitis can be reversible in its initial stage. Hence, treating the cause will bring your pulp back to its normal state. However, when left unattended for too long, the pain evolves from mild or moderate to severe, leaving your pulp permanently affected and giving your dentist no other option than removing it from inside your tooth to eliminate the pain and prevent infection.

To do this, our weekend emergency dentist will do a small opening in your tooth to gain access to the pulp inside. Afterward, he will remove the pulp and clean the chamber where it was residing. This will instantly ease the pain and prevent any bacteria from causing infection.

Dental emergencies are quite common and can negatively affect your day. Our emergency dentists in Miami Beach take 24 hours shifts on the weekends and are always ready to face any situation you might be going through. Therefore, guaranteeing you get only the highest quality treatment possible and the comfort you are looking for.


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  1. The convenience of having a 24-hour emergency dentist ensures that individuals won’t have to endure unnecessary pain or discomfort until the next business day. Whether it’s a sudden toothache, a broken crown, or any other dental issue, knowing that professional help is just a call away is incredibly comforting.

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